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It’s better in the back seat.

Call us at: 618-207-4747
Email us at: (host name) at backseatproducers dot com
Follow us on Twitter: @betterintheback
For general inquiries email: tony at backseatproducers dot com
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4 replies on “About Us”

Hey guys,

I’m a fan of a few shows you guys are involved with and just listened to The Reckoning.

I put my vote forward for another episode like this. It was something that made my first hour of work go by very fast and made me laugh out loud often.

Keep on keeping on gentlemen. I’ll keep listening.


You might want to add the twitter account (@betterintheback) to the contact info so it’s easy to find. I knew there was one, but couldn’t remember what it was and I had to search to find it in episode notes. Mine is @CougRon.

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