Drinking Game

Welcome to Back Seat Producers – The Drinking Game

Feel free to have a blast with this and to make fun of the hosts and our quirks in order to make yourselves more inebriated. Please drink responsibly.  If you are under age, don’t drink, or have to work the next morning, we suggest drinking your favorite non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

Back Seat Producers – Drunk in the Aisle Seat

Take one drink:

  • Someone calls David, “Adam”.
  • Every time somebody gets “Sprung” (Finish your drink if the person getting “sprung” is female)
  • Every time David hasn’t seen a movie.
  • Whenever Tony disagrees with everyone.
  • Whenever Tony says, “I would have liked it a lot better if…”
  • Whenever Sarah drops an F-bomb.
  • Anytime Avatar: The Last Airbender is mentioned.
  • If Neville Longbottom is used as an example of manliness.
  • If someone tries to discuss spoilers before the spoiler section.
  • If a comment is prefaced by “Protip” (Two drinks if the Protip is then inserted somewhere… but only the tip.)
  • Any time Tony 2 references a Martin Scorsese film.
  • When Darrell refuses to skip forward in the synopsis timeline.
  • If Sarah tells an embarrassing story about Francis.
  • When Adam/David asks “Who’s {cultural icon}?”
  • Whenever a host refers to an actor not by their real name, but by their character name in Harry Potter/LotR/Star Wars/etc.
  • Gaming is used as a metaphor for the action in the movie.
  • Unnecessary correction of the plot synopsis occurs.
  • Someone blames something on David’s appendix/pneumonia.
  • David name drops Watchmen or Harry Potter.

Take two drinks:

  • Whenever David doesn’t recognize a movie.
  • If Luke shows up in the chatroom.
  • If Fleshlight or its many sub-products are mentioned.
  • If the chatroom has to correct one of the hosts.
  • If David has “nothing to offer to this conversation”
  • The hosts derail into a conversation about Star Trek or Star Wars.

Take three drinks:

  • If David hasn’t seen tonight’s movie.
  • If there’s a guest host on tonight’s episode.
  • If David threatens to show his ass to the chatroom.
  • If one of the regular hosts shows up in the chatroom instead of on the show.
  • When Darrell tries to skip the high level review and goes straight into plot synopsis.

Finish your drink:

  • If tonight’s episode is going to be about a comedy. Better get liquored up before hand.
  • When Egg Shen shows up. It ain’t getting much better than that.
  • If, afterwards on Tony’s Losing It, Tony has lost 2 lbs or more. We want rewards, too.
  • “That woman in the car over there says that Ghengis Khan ruled the Mongols…”
  • If there is an argument in the chatroom about the interpretation of the rules of the game.
  • If it is revealed during the course of the episode that any one of the hosts has been “pre-gaming”.

5 replies on “Drinking Game”

I’ve been meaning to suggest this a while back but we need a ‘down your beverage’ rule for anytime tony gets off on his old man rant about what the ‘real’ title of a certain 1977 George Lucas Film.

The movie is called STAR WARS. Pluto is the 9th planet. The rainbow has 7 colors. These are things that I was taught as a child. Tru Fax.

for Quickies: whenever the plot summary hits three drink cues; take another

another one for box office: whenever the phrase ‘because George Clooney’ finish your drink. because George Clooney.

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