BSBO Scoring

This score reflects every weekend box office total through the date 10/20/2014.


Rank Previous Contestant S10 WK 2 Results Average
1 Cougron 23 23
2 2 Jeff 23 22
3 1 Art 15 18.33
4 Tad 23 17

Results (10/17 thru 10/19)

Jeff, Cougron and Tad – 23
1. Fury
2. The Book of Life (-1)
3. Gone Girl (-1)
4. Alexander.. Day
5. Best of Me

Art – 15
1. The Book of Life (-4)
2. Fury (-1)
3. Best of Me (-2)
4. Gone Girl (-2)
5. Dracula (-1)

Art’s House

Jeff: Camp X-Ray – $1,316
Art: The Tale of Princess Kaguya – $18,305 (Win)
Father Beast: Young Ones – $0

Art’s House Standings:
Art 2
Jeff 1
Father Beast 0



* – Average score is based on less than 5 weekly results. Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) who have not participated in 5 consecutive weeks will become de-listed until they resume participation. Any previous scores will be applied when participation resumes.

Scoring is determined by taking a base score of 25 points. From that base, one point is subtracted for each position that that the person is under or over the movie finished that week. The points are double for the selection of the first place movie.

For example: Tony selects:

  1. Superman: The Movie
  2. Star Wars
  3. Empire Strikes Back
  4. Return of the Jedi
  5. Star Trek

When the weekend totals (Friday through Sunday – regardless of long holiday weekends) come in they have the following ranking:

  1. Empire Strikes Back
  2. Star Wars
  3. Superman: The Movie
  4. Star Trek
  5. Return of the Jedi

Points for Tony’s picks would be as follows:

Superman: The Movie – Tony picked this as #1, it’s actual box office position was #3, he would have lost 2 points for being off by two positions, but instead he loses 4 points because points for the #1 selection are doubled. (-4)

Star Wars – Tony picked this in the #2 position and it was! (0)

Empire Strikes Back – Tony ‘s pick was #3 and it was actually #1.  Two points for being two positions off. (-2)

Return of the Jedi – Tony selected this for #4 and it was actually #5. (-1)

Star Trek – Tony was off by one on this one too. (-1)

Tony’s score for the week would be 25-4-2-1-1 or… 17.  The old way we did scoring, Tony would have had one of the five positions correct (Star Wars) and would have gotten a 20%.

‡ – In season three, the new ruling is that if you miss a week you will be not be penalized with a lesser score or given any mulligans.

Note: Amongst the hosts we agreed that should anyone ever get a negative score… well, we agreed that there was a hard floor of 0 (zero) points.  We never thought we’d have to use that stipulation so it was never published. Well… never say never.

9 replies on “BSBO Scoring”

If we have a hall of fame, Menolly would make it for: First person to have a negative score for the weekend.

She is ticked.

I had an idea for two new numbers to include with the scores though they might not be as useful with the new ‘forced’ scores for people who miss too many weeks.

First would be the total number of weeks the contestant has participated in during the season. The second would be the total cumulative score for all the weeks participated in. (i.e. if one has 2 scores of 22 and 25, the cumulative score would be 47.) Neither would count towards the ranking, but might help put some peoples rank into perspective.

oh, by the way, are the final scores from the previous season archived somewhere? I don’t see a link on the scoring page.

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