The BSP Commandments

The laws of movie reviewing as handed down by David (a work in progress):

  1. The Work Stands Alone – An adaptation is graded on its own terms not on how it is different from the source material.
  2. Set aside your personal biases – No matter your baggage, the film doesn’t have to carry it.
  3. Don’t talk about the wanking.
  4. You are perfectly capable of understanding exactly what a movie means and wants to be and then still not like it.
  5. You cannot be bullied into changing your personal taste.
  6. Blade Runner is still awesome – that’s just a fact.
  7. Any broad statement about ‘The Moviegoing Public’ is almost certainly wrong.
  8. The passage of time cannot excuse the flaws of the movie.
  9. You cannot cite The Adventures of Pluto Nash as an example of anything.