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Due to the constraints of the magics of the genie that has created the feeds that deliver our audio files to you nice people, we’ve had to break up our 5+ years worth of content into “Seasons”.  Each season represents a different era in the history of Fanboy Smackdown and Back Seat Producers.

Season 1:
Fanboy Smackdown 1-37: Two Tonys, no waiting.

Season 2:
Fanboy Smackdown 38-61: On the Lot, Hiatus, The Coming of Adam

Season 3:
Back Seat Producers 62-92: Fanboy Smackdown is dead, Long live Back Seat Producers

Season 4:
Back Seat Producers 93-135: Enter the Darrell

Season 5:
Back Seat Producers 136-170: Catching Up

Season 6:
Back Seat Producers 171-200: Milestones: 5 years, 200 episodes

Season 7:
Back Seat Producers 201-Present: They Just Keep Making Movies

Season 8:
Back Seat Producers – Coming Soon

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