Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 255: Glengarry Glen Ross

Release date:  10/2/1992

New Line Cinema

Directed by

  • James Foley

Produced by

  • Jerry Tokofsky
  • Stanley R. Zupnik

Screenplay by

  • David Mamet

Based on Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet


Al Pacino

  • Ricky Roma

Jack Lemmon

  • Shelley Levene

Alec Baldwin

  • Blake

Jonathan Pryce

  • James Lingk

Kevin Spacey

  • John Williamson

The hosts review:

  • Deuce’s type of movie.
  • Darrell likes it less and less each time he sees it.
  • How can you be this despicable all the time?
  • Tony thought there were a few places where they could have slowed down the dialogue.
  • Pacino, Spacey and Lemmon seemed to “belong” in that movie.
  • Pacino outperformed by Spacey and Lemmon?
  • Everyone outperformed by Lemmon.
  • Pacino impersonations… please no.
  • Dirty sales tactics for legitimate real estate sales.
  • After seeing the movie when it was new and seeing it again years later, some of the shine is gone.
  • North American grosses were less than its budget.
  • Geez, Tony, leave some trivia for the rest of us.
  • The power of chewing gum.
  • The Tonys would see it again; Darrell is probably done with it.
  • Kevin Spacey bio.

Trivial bits ‘n pieces:

  • “F&#k” and its derivatives are said 138 times.
  • “S@^t” and its derivatives are said 50 times.
  • “Lead” or “leads” are said 83 times.
  • During production, the actors referred to this film as “Death of a F&#kin’ Salesman.”
  • None of the major roles were auditioned; the actors were all offered their roles, although Jack Lemmon said he would have been glad to audition for such a good role.
  • Alec Baldwin based the tone and delivery of his famous monologue on George C. Scott’s “Wars are won…” speech from Patton.
  • This film has been used to train real salesmen on how to see and how not to sell.
  • There is only one female character in the entire film… Coat Check Girl.

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce

This episode was recorded: 1/9/2013



Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 254: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Release date:  12/14/2012

Warner Bros. Pictures

Directed by

  • Peter Jackson

Produced by

  • Carlynne Cunningham
  • Zane Weiner
  • Fran Walsh
  • Peter Jackson

Screenplay by

  • Fran Walsh
  • Philippa Boyens
  • Peter Jackson
  • Guillermo del Toro

Based on The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien


Martin Freeman

  • Bilbo Baggins

Ian McKellen

  • Galdalf the Grey

Richard Armitage

  • Thorin Oakenshield

The hosts review:

  • “Your silly childhood nostalgia can’t defeat my logic.”
  • A brief biography of Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • We do not have a consensus!
  • “Listen, b*#%hes! It is a MOVIE, it is not a BOOK!” (I could just stop here; nothing better can be said)
  • Darrell goes WILD!!
  • The movie was rushed, and part of that showed.
  • Pacing problems and too long battle scenes.
  • There is more back story on Thorin in the movie than in the book.
  • David liked the parts of the movie he thought he would hate.
  • Comparisons of reading The Hobbit to reading The Lord of the Rings
  • The dwarves felt dwarfish.
  • Singing dwarves are great!
  • Martin Freeman is the Bob Hope of this movie.  He’s surrounded by craziness and he’s seemingly the sanest.
  • David didn’t like Freeman as Bilbo.
  • Hugo Weaving could end up as a quadruple-triple!
  • Frodo is about ¾ moron and the other ¼ is Sam.
  • Young Bilbo is much more likable than older Bilbo.
  • Bilbo has a choice to leave; Frodo doesn’t really have a choice to leave.  Bilbo is better.
  • The fight scene with the goblins was too fast, too busy, too much.  Also, their method of bridge-building was lame.
  • Gollum was fantastic!
  • Hey, remember all the places we went to in Lord of the Rings? Let’s go there again!
  • David could do without the eagles.
  • Wait… there’s giant spiders in the next movie?!
  • The rabbit sled was very cool.
  • Deuce could have used more Bilbo Baggins, Tony could have used less Radagast and dwarves (but not the main dwarves), and David could have used less conflict between Thorin and Bilbo.
  • Deuce missed the part where Thorin Oakenshield gets his shield of… oak.
  • Elves on horseback save the party again!
  • A bit of Pacific Rim talk.
  • Morgan Freeman must be so proud!

Trivial bits ‘n pieces:

Gollum (Andy Serkis) only appears in one scene in the book, and he completed filming during the first week of production.  Serkis stayed on as Second Unit Director.

The Hobbit is the first feature film to be shot and projected at 48 frames per second, versus the industry standard of 24 frames.  The intention is to provide the film a smoother and more realistic motion with reduced strobing.  This is beneficial when viewing the film in 3D, as the higher frame rate helps to correctly synchronize the images for each eye.

Bombur doesn’t say a word along the entire movie.

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce
  • David/Disappointment

This episode was recorded: 1/3/2013



Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 253: Looper

Release date:  9/28/2012

TriStar Pictures

Directed and Written by

  • Rian Johnson

Produced by

  • Ram Bergman
  • James D. Stern


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Joe Simmons

Bruce Willis

  • Old Joe

Emily Blunt

  • Sara Rollins

The hosts review:

  • I’m just trying to figure out why Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis are both trying to do a Ryan Gosling impersonation.
  • If Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns into Bruce Willis, what hope do any of us have?
  • Some disagreement about how they show what Joe’s motivation is.
  • It is universally agreed that Gordon-Levitt’s makeup was unnecessary.
  • Breakout performance in the movie… the kid!
  • Toss the word “paradox” around liberally, and then all problems with the plot go away.
  • All the hosts seemed to have different thoughts on what the movie was going to be after seeing the preview… philosophy, action, time travel, chase?
  • Was The Rainmaker pulling the strings to set it all up?
  • A detour into…telekinetic manual adoration.
  • Tony was surprised to find out that this wasn’t a book first.  All the complaints that the hosts have are things that could have been cut from a novel to make it a film.
  • Mixed reviews on if Gordon-Levitt was a better Bruce Willis than Bruce Willis.
  • JCVD & Time Cop.  Robo-TimeCop.
  • The Hobbit.
  • Shogun.
  • A Few Good Men.
  • A final thought… You can’t go back.

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce
  • David

This episode was recorded: 12/20/2012

Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 252: Goodfellas

Release date:  9/19/1990

Warner Bros.

Directed by

  • Martin Scorsese

Produced by

  • Irwin Winkler

Screenplay by

  • Martin Scorsese
  • Nicholas Pileggi

Based on Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi


Ray Liotta

  • Henry Hill

Robert DeNiro

  • Jimmy Conway

Joe Pesci

  • Tommy DeVito

Lorraine Bracco

  • Karen Hill

Paul Sorvino

  • Paul Cicero

The hosts review:

  • You can watch this several times and get something different out of it each time.
  • Although Henry Hill’s character lies throughout the movie, you still learn what that life was like.
  • One of the best 1st person narrative movies made (up there with Taxi Driver).
  • Foot soldiers’ view of mob life.
  • Very different Don than The Godfather.
  • Henry Hill died 6/12/12, which makes this a Recently Dead Guy Podcast.
  • Enjoying some Henry Hill anectodes.
  • If you’re short, you demand respect.
  • Was Paulie a weak leader?  Opinions differ.
  • You don’t get a real view of Paulie because you only see him through Henry’s eyes.
  • Henry didn’t want to be a Don, he just wanted to be a Wiseguy.
  • Power without responsibility.  If we wanted more, we took more.
  • The scene when Hill drops off his brother and he’s being followed by helicopters was played really well; it was frantic and frenetic.
  • “For a second I thought I was dead. But, when I heard all the noise, I knew they were cops. Only cops talk that way. If they’d been wiseguys, I wouldn’t have heard a thing. I would’ve been dead.”
  • Tony rocks an old-school DVD!
  • Financial comparison between Goodfellas and The Last Temptation of Christ… and other Scorsese movies.
  • Lorraine Bracco… when she hides the gun in her panties… yeah, that’s hot.

Awards (short list):

Goodfellas has won the following awards:

  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Joe Pesci)
  • British Academy Film Awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Editing and Costume Design
  • Venice Film Festival Silver Lion for Best Director, Audience Award (Scorsese), and Filmcritica “bastone Bianco” Award (Scorsese)
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor (DeNiro)
  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Pesci), Best Supporting Actress (Bracco) and Best Cinematography

Goodfellas has also made some of American Film Institute’s lists:

  • AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movies  #94
  • AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition)  #92
  • AFI’s Top 10 Gangster Film  #2

Trivial bits ‘n pieces:

  • The “You think I’m funny?” scene was based on a story that Joe Pesci acted out for Martin Scorsese about working at a restaurant years earlier and he told a mobster that he was funny; the mobster was not amused.  Scorsese allowed Pesci and Ray Liotta improvise the scene.  Scorsese didn’t tell the other actors in the scene what would happen because he wanted their genuine surprised reactions.
  • The word “f$&k” is used 296 times, for an average of 2.04 f$&ks per minute.  About half of them are said by Joe Pesci.
  • Scorsese’s mother, Catherine, plays Tommy’s (Pesci) mother.  She and the cast ad-libbed the dinner scene.  Scorsese’s father, Charles, plays the prisoner who puts too many onions in the tomato sauce.
  • When Paulie confronts Henry after Henry’s released from prison, Paul Sorvino improvised the slap to Liotta’s face.
  • The MPAA ordered 10 frames of blood removed from the film before granting it an ‘R’ rating.
  • Liotta’s mother died of cancer during filming, and he said that he used his anger over losing his mother for certain scenes, the pistol-whipping scene in particular.
  • Lorraine Bracco demanded real jewelry to be used for Karen’s dresser. The production designer rented expensive gold and stones that were protected by armed guards.
  • DeNiro wanted to use real money for the scene where Jimmy hands out money.  The prop master gave DeNiro $5,000 of his own money, and at the end of each take, no one was allowed to leave the set until all the money was returned.

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce

This episode was recorded: 12/13/2012



Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 251: FLCL

Run date:  4/26/2000 – 3/16/2001

Funimation Entertainment (US Release)

Written by

  • Yoji Enokido
Directed by
  • Kazuya Tsurumaki
Produced by
  • Hiroki Sato
  • Nishizawa Masatomo

Music by

  • The Pillows


Barbara Goodson

  • Naota Nandaba

Stephanie Sheh

  • Mamimi Samejima

Kari Wahlgren

  • Haruko Haruhara

Joe Martin

  • Kamon Nandaba


The hosts review:

  • Someone paid major bucks to own this show, sight unseen.
  • We clearly do not have a consensus on FLCL.
  • It’s like a big conglomeration of cool stuff that they threw together… some worked, some didn’t.
  • It has a certain acquired anime-taste.
  • Naota IS Japan.
  • A coming of age story, but only half way through.
  • Juvenile sexual humor.
  • Tony wanted to punch Ta-kun (Naota) him numerous times during the episodes.
  • “Hey, I am sprouting robots from my head!”
  • Typical 12-year-old, or whiny little d-bag?
  • Eyebrows…
  • Hey, South Park kids!
  • Overboard emotions…so much emotions.
  • Discussions about what they’d like to see for a sequel.
  • David hates puns, except this time.
  • The guitar art is the physical manifestations of everybody’s soul.
  • If FLCL was live action, the dad would be a combination of Jack Galifianakis and Crispin Glover.
  • A bit of talk about Samurai Champloo.
  • The Walking Dead
  • Sons of Anarchy


Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • David

This episode was recorded: 12/5/2012



Back Seat Producers Season 08 Shows

BSP Episode 250: TiMER

Release date:  5/14/2010

Present Pictures

Directed and Written by

  • Jac Schaeffer

Produced by

  • Jennifer Glynn
  • Rikki Jarrett
  • Jac Schaeffer


Emma Caulfield

  • Oona O’Leary

Michelle Borth

  • Steph DePaul

John Patrick Amedori

  • Mikey Evers

Desmond Harrington

  • Dan the Man


The hosts review:

  • Darrell could not return the movie’s love, much as he wanted to.
  • Could have been a light-hearted Twilight Zone episode.
  • You’re setup to be skeptical from the beginning.
  • If you get a TiMER after you’ve already met your soul mate, does it still go off?
  • TiMER – self fulfilling prophecy or teller of the future?
  • {momentary side-tracking to touch on “rapey” movies}
  • Emma Caulfield is weird.
  • There was a notable lack of b-face.
  • The scene with her dad made no logical sense.
  • The hosts delve into the anatomy of relationships.
  • It’s a good date movie.
  • Does David have a future as a con-man?
  • They get silly over b-face (again).
  • Stripper-face.

Your Producers for this episode were:

  • Tony
  • Darrell
  • Tony/Deuce
  • David

This episode was recorded: 11/28/2012