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FBSD Episode 10.5: Yep, It's Feedback

It’s about freakin’ time!

Yep, this show is about 2 weeks late. If you want the excuses, check out

This is another Feedback Episode.

We kick things off with a promo for Two Girls and a Podcast. Chris and Eliz are friends of the show and we really like what they are doing. Check them out at We follow that up with voicemail from Darren about Tony’s take on Superman Returns.

After a bit of discussion we move on to another promo.� This time we have Dani in NC’s promo for Karen from Kalifornia’s Bunkcast… though now I think these two are more of a team. We also get a great definition of Chick Flick from Dani in NC via voicemail.

We bat that around a bit, get another voicemail from Darren (Hey, where is that logo?) Then finish it off with more of our talking.

We’ve got a number of emails sprinkled throughout that we discuss as well. This is a long one, boys and girls. Also, at the end, I make a pitch for people to check out “This week’s Wingin’ It.”� That was actually two weeks ago, and you can find the episode in question here.

Thanks for listening, and for sticking around through the storms and vacation.


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