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FBSD Episode 28: Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

We talk today about Valentine’s Day and movies in that special Fanboy Smackdown kinda way.

Also, Check out the first Chapter of Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword. It’s available NOW.

Lazy for now… Update coming soon.

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ERROR! ’twas Josh Lucas who was the ‘bad boy’ in Sweet Home Alabama. What do I win?

Still some skipping in the audio, although it wasn’t as bad as before.

I don’t remember hearing any skipping this time, but I may have just missed it.

Tony, you’re just going to have to buck up and admit it – Grey’s Anatomy is a total chick show. My wife watches is regularly and I catch pieces on occasional while walking through the room. It’s OK, Tony, I won’t think (much) less of you 🙂

And, what’s this I hear slip on WI that you guys are joining up with Farpoint? Sweet!

Ed… Call it what you will, I’m digging Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, it’s about the relationships… but I’m also the guy that doesn’t mind the relationship stuff on BSG. We are humans… geeks or not we relate to women(if we are lucky). I’m sticking by Grey’s

And you heard right. The announcement is coming and there will be some changes that come along with it. We are THRILLED to be joining that family. More on that in the next few weeks… promise!

Stu… You win a famed “No Prize”. Any reader of old Marvel Comics will understand what a valuable and prestigious award that is. Congrats, sir.

And dude… if we had to give away something everytime we made a mistake, we would edit the shows a lot more carefully. (Editor’s note: To edit them more careful would presume we edit them at all, which we don’t.) 😀

Yeah, and not only do they not edit, but they also used all of their wishes too. I haven’t listened to a program this haphazardly done in… 1500 years.

Congrats on your move to Farpoint. They really should get a mega-feed with all Farpoint shows, it would reduce the number of feeds I’m subscribed to by far.

As for Grey’s Anatomy… The last two shows did blow me apart. They really know how to “play” people (and with the next sweeps around the corner they are gearing up)

Oh, and as a comment on the podcast:
I had lots of “glitches” during much of the show.
Not too many to make it unhearable but really unnerveing/disturbing

Hi Tony’s
I just listened to episode 16 (I have a lot of catching up to do) and I have a few comments for you. First a subjective opinion: The special host in form of a genie is NOT funny. But that’s just my opinion. However, on a more objective note, the genie is TOO FRECKING LOUD! I listen to your podcast on my mobile mp3 player and every time the genie is on, he blows my eardrums out. And I’m kind of attached to my eardrums….
So, would you please be to kind to kill his volume a bit?? My ears would very much appreciate it.

I hope later I will get back with more content related comments (and more up to date..)

Kind regards from Skylla
A new listener from The Netherlands

Hey guys,

I’m a bit behind in my podcast listening, thanks to the snow induced short week last week. Anyway, I’m finally caught up with FBSD, and here are my thoughts:

Haven’t seen “Grey’s Anatomy”, so I can’t comment. I just know the commercials do nothing to make me want to watch it.

I guess I’m a lucky guy: my wife leans toward the geek side. With the exception of BSG, she likes pretty much everything I like on TV: Heroes, Smallville (yeah, Genie isn’t the only one that likes it!), Supernatural, Stargate, Dr. Who, The Dresden Files (we’ve been reading the books since the beginning). There a few more traditional shows we watch, but they also tend have a science bent: Crossing Jordan, Bones, House. We’ve also been married for 19 years, so V-Day isn’t as big as it use to be. Granted, I know better than to forget about it, but I don’t have to do as much as I use to, either.

As far as a movie based on The Flash, there is one scheduled to come out next year. IMDB doesn’t list much about it other than that Shawn Levy is set to direct.

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