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Preview: Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed

Thirty years ago today, a film opened to forty theaters. That film went on to pave the way for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and break new ground in the technology of film making. At it’s basis was the story of a farm boy who discovers within himself the power to bring down an oppressive evil empire. That film was Star Wars.

On May 28th, The History Channel is premiering a documentary that serves to examine just why Star Wars has become the cultural icon that it has. Through interviews with numerous historians, scholars of mythology and literature, film makers, and pop culture icons, this film examines the broad themes, characters and stories that make up the Star Wars saga. Footage of the films sits along side works of mythology, earlier works of film, historical footage, and commentary to postulate on just where George Lucas may have gotten his ideas and creative sparks when producing the films.

I have had the opportunity to review this documentary. We also discuss the documentary in more depth in the upcoming Episode #37 (to be posted May 25th or May 26th as time for editing allows.)

I think that anyone with even a passing interest in the Star Wars saga will enjoy how the content of the films are framed against literature, mythology, the history, politics, and personal experience. It’s not often that you have people like Tom Brokaw, Newt Gingrich, Kevin Smith, Stephen Colbert, Nancy Pelosi, Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson all come together with historians and scholars to discuss a couple of Sci-Fi films.

This documentary is highly recommended by both Tonys.