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FBSD Episode 38: On The Lot 106

This one is a bit different. We’ll go with this format for the next month or two. Take a listen.

Check out for links to the films reviewed in this episode.

Die Hardly Working – Zach Lipovsky
Nerve Endings – Will Bigham
Dr. In-Law – Shalini Kantayya
Under the Gun – Hilary Graham
How to Have a Girl – David May
Discovering the Wheels – Adam Stein

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That was my fault. EP038 is different than Ep038. Sorry for the delay in getting this one out.

I should have known when there were 4 1/2 TIMES the downloads for this episode than for a regular episode.

I just tested it and it seems to work, and now also has some updated show-notes.

I think On The Lot sort of blew it, and it’s not at all the fault of the various filmmakers, but the structure of the show does little to help them… it started off promisingly, showing some of the makings of the films and also giving some background to the filmmakers, but once it moved to it’s “American Idol” type of set-up with it’s godawful host, Adrianna Costa (and she is awful- she looks good, but she’s clumsy as a host and has absolutely zero charisma), it lost a lot of appeal. I’m staying with it, but I find the show overall to be boring and just wait for the movie segments to start.

Overall though, I thought most of the movies were pretty decent this week, with the weakest one being David May’s How to Have a Girl.

My personal favorites were Zach Lipovsky’s film and Hilary Graham’s… I also liked Adam Stein’s film.

In defense of Marty Martin (who Tony mentioned as being arrogant and then kicked off later), Carrie Fisher wasn’t exactly being constructive with her criticism either and a little flippant, at least that’s what it seemed to me. I actually appreciated him standing up to her.

David May is probably the one to go this week… now if we could just get Will Bigham to stop making faces like he’s posing for his picture that will be shown in front of his comedy club appearances…

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