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FBSD Episode 44: On The Lot 112

Wow… America got that one all wrong. Zach was eliminated this week. I am totally shocked.
This has opened the competition though, and it should be interesting to see how it plays out.
The log line, chosen by a viewer, that is the theme of this week’s films is: “A man wakes up, finds himself in a dress and can’t remember what happened the night before.”

Adam Stein – Army Guy
Jason Epperson – Oh, Boy.
Sam Friedlander – Dress For Success
Will Bigham- The Yes Men

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Haven’t listened to the show yet, but I don’t necessarily think America got it wrong… I was shocked that Zach was eliminated, but after the fact, I wasn’t surprised at all. His effects might’ve been good, but really both of his last two movies were incredibly lame, and honestly for his last film, I think he totally made the wrong move in making it a sequel to the film that he did the week before.

This week was without a doubt their best week yet, at least as far as the actual filmic content goes (I still can’t stand Plastic Gristle- my new name for Adrianna Costa)- everyone overall did a great job, with the weakest of the film’s being Sam’s Dress for Success. Though I give Sam credit for getting a good performance out of his male lead.

Will Bigham finally delivered the goods on a film for me anyway, I really haven’t been that impressed with him up to this point, thinking he’s been way more of a safe talent than anything else and spending most of his time doing his little facial mugging on the camera for the show.

Jason Epperson, did a nice job, and I certainly agreed with the judges about the worldview his films have as well as their big heart…

But Adam Stein… I voted for him over 20 times this week… I think consistently from the start, Stein has delivered the best and most original material, and Army Guy was just an incredible breakout film for this show. Adam Stein deserves to win this one more than any of the other directors there, and I certainly hope he does it…

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