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FBSD Episode 047: Apocalypto

In pre-recorded (like from June or July) Tony and Tony discuss the Mel Gibson flick Apocalypto.

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Retroactive sort of note… Michael Chiklis first got fame for playing John Belushi in the movie adaptation of Bob Woodward’s Wired…

I’ve been catching up on past episodes and just listened to this one. In reference to you not seeing a fall of their society based on the opening quote. I think you would need to see this film as Mel’s attempt to rationalize to gold fever induced massacre of the Aztecs by the Spanish. You are right that the Mayans died off before the Spanish found South America. The Aztecs were the ones conquered.
And the Mayans didn’t practice human sacrifice, they replaced that with cutting the king’s penis every year, collecting the blood on prayers written on paper like strips and then burning those strips.
I really think this is just an attempt to demonstrate those native populations were corrupt and collapsing, and argue the point that the Spanish actually helped them by stopping the human sacrifice. Even though the war and human sacrifice helped control the Aztecs population, in a horrible way.
But it is a good film.

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