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FBSD Episode 048: Four for the Price of One

List of Links for the show.

Bad Buddhist Radio –

Gameheads the Movie –

Manticore –

Alien Siege –

Song of the Dead –

Morevi: Remastered –

Info on the Contest:

The DVD is Region 1. If you can’t play a Region 1 English Only DVD, you’ll only win a shiny coaster.

Disregard what my sleepy-self said about the voice mail number. It’s 618-207-4747.

Email to Fanboysmackdown at gmail dot com

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Thanks for all the nice things you had to say about “Gameheads”! I appreciated that you took the time to mention both the good stuff AND the bad stuff! And, yeah, I do agree that the editing could have been tighter still, and it was interesting to see that some scenes caused confusion (sorry!),and some of the acting DID kind of suck, (but some of it DIDN’T SUCK, which was nice,too)… So, thanks again for reviewing our little film.

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the review of Gameheads. Be seeing you around the con’s.

Tim aka Ethan

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