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FBSD Episode 049: Harry Potter

In this newly recorded episode…  You read that right, this one is brand-spankin’ new! … we welcome a new host to the show.

Adam is an experienced podcaster and a welcome addition to the show.

Our way of welcoming Adam is to put him on the spot and discuss all five of the Harry Potter movies.  We talk about the relationship to the novels and do get quite spoilery with the films, and after the break, the books too.

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0 replies on “FBSD Episode 049: Harry Potter”

Hey, guys. I’m afraid I haven’t been staying current with FBSD as much as I’d like, but I did catch this one today. I think you guys were right on in the assessment for the most part.

I do think y’all went way to easy on the first two movies. The process of going from book to movie is an art that requires compromise and an understanding that something that works well on the written page may fail miserably on screen. I remember, when watching the first movie in particular, that it felt more like a group on a stage each taking turns reading their parts straight out of the book.

Even worse, was the cinematography of the first two movies. I don’t know the technical side of things, but the imagery was very flat and lifeless and reminded me of a 70’s TV show in its look.

After those first two were out of the way, the movies have most certainly gotten better and the latest one is worlds beyond the first two.

It will indeed be very interesting to see what they are able to do with the last two, given the darkness and seriousness of the books.

Good show!

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