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FBSD Episode 050: Michael Clayton

In this episode we discuss 2008 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee, Michael Clayton.

Tangents include Console games, Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, and converting wives to geek toys.

While the Song of the Dead contest is official over, we recorded this before we stopped taking entries, so winners are NOT announced during this episode.

Also we have a new contest starting for the Month of March. Check out the Contests page in the left-hand sidebar.

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As an HD-DVD owner, here’s the scoop: The Xbox 360 player is indeed $49.99 and if you still get it now, you get whatever’s packed in and can still get the five freebies from Toshiba. Prices on HD-DVD’s are absolutely terrific right now, with some as low as $9.98 through Deep Discount anyway. And there’s still a couple of new ones coming out, but after May, there’s no more…

Do I regret the purchase? Not in the slightest, I’ve got a lot of great films already in the collection and a lot of the exclusives that I’ve already got, won’t make it to Blu-Ray for awhile.

As far as Blu-Ray goes, I’ll probably buy one when either the Playstation 3 comes down dramatically in price or else Microsoft makes one for the Xbox 360.

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