Contest: Netflix Trials!!!

In cooperation with Netflix’s new YouTube channel, The Fanboy Smackdown podcast is giving away 30 ( that’s Three-Oh!) trial subscriptions to Netflix, the world’s largest online movie rental service. These trial subscriptions are valid for six months of service to Netflix.

The directions for this contest are a bit more complicated than a normal podcast giveaway, but this prize is quite a bit more than a just a DVD!

This contest has four requirements.

1. You have to be a US resident. (We are still verifying this, but considering the scope of Netflix service, this seems to be accurate. We’ll update this as soon as we find out.)

2. You have to sign up for an account on If you already have an account, great! If not, you WILL need to sign up for one. The reasons become evident for requirement number…

3. You must subscribe to both Netflix’s Youtube Channel, NetFlixNowPlaying, and FarpointMedia’s Youtube Channel. Signing up for the Netflix channel is a requirement imposed by the marketing company. Signing up for the FarPointMedia YouTube channel is OUR requirement. Mostly because it’s great stuff and we are requiring you to enjoy the awesomeness of the Slice of Scifi and Wingin’ It videos.

4. You must send an email to contest at fanboysmackdown dot com with the subject line “Netflix”.

This email MUST include your YouTube account name, and your name and mailing address. All emails will be verified to determine that you have signed up for both channels. After your information is verfied, you will be entered into the pool validated contestants. You may only send ONE email. If you send more than one email or we find more than one contestant at the same address, you will be disqualified. (If you have roommates or some such, send an email to tony at fanboysmackdown dot com and we can work it out.)

The contest ends at 5 PM Central Time on Wednesday April, 16th. At that time, we will randomly select 30 entries and provide their information to the marketing company. The marketing company will conduct their own independent verification of the selected entries to determine the validity of their NetflixNowPlaying channel subscription.

If you have ANY questions, please direct them to contest at fanboysmackdown dot com with the subject line “Question”. We’ll respond ASAP and update the instructions if necessary to make sure the rules are clear for everyone.

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