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FBSD Episode 059: There Will Be Blood

In this episode, Tony and Adam drink your milkshake; they drink it up.

Just a reminder, the name of the show is changing. We don’t have a date set, but we’ll soon be changing the name of the show to Backseat Producers. If you are an artist who might be able to help out with some of the art for the new site, please send an email to tony at fanboysmackdown dot com.

We talk about There Will Be Blood, the 4th in our series of Best Picture Academy Award Nominated films. During the break, Holden and Tony discuss the movie Iron Man.

Just after the break, we peel back the curtain. Normally when we take a break we BS for a few minutes, refill our drinks, etc. This time we discuss a few things that are coming up in the podcast and some thoughts on other films. This conversation was not intended to be aired, but while editing, Adam thought it would be fun to leave this chat in there. It’s fun and even more casual than the episode proper. We didn’t make a mistake leaving it in there… we know… it’s on purpose… enjoy it.

We follow up our discussion of the film and discuss our thoughts about watching this character’s life arc from his humble beginnings through out his life.

Also, we’ll do a feedback show just before we do the name change, If you have any comments or questions for us,

Send email to tony at fanboysmackdown dot com or adam at fanboysmackdown dot com

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Catch you on Mother’s Day when we talk about Juno.

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