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FBSD Episode 061: Feedback and the Finale

Lazy show notes.

This is the last FBSD, next week the real party starts.

Backseat Producers – coming soon

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Alright guys, what’s the story? I admit I’ve missed the last couple of shows as I hadn’t seen any of the Oscar nominee movies, but I did catch this last episode – which was a lot of fun. But, while it’s clear that Fanboy Smackdown is going away and Backseat Producers is rising up….just what does that mean? What’s the new podcast going to be about?

Oh, and, I think it was Adam who said he was enjoying Moravi Remastered with Pip Ballentine’s sexy voice. I have just one thing to say – 🙂

Real briefly on the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format…

Earlier in the year, Warners which had been supporting both formats, made the announcement that after May of 2008, they were solely going to be supporting Blu-Ray, pretty much themselves forcing the issue on the format war. HD-DVD had been losing ground anyway, despite having great deals on their players. I believe anyway that Blu-Ray more got it’s foothold by being part of the PS3 right away, and seeing that there really hasn’t been that many great games to play on the PS3, PS3 users, hungry for something for their machine had to feed it something and thus Blu-Ray took off faster. I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, though I think the picture on them looks great, the only advantage that I saw to that was just that those disks have more storage space. They just weren’t using it that well, HD-DVD on the other hand was putting their format to good use and even going further by doing lots of picture-in-picture commentaries that Blu-Ray (then) just couldn’t do.

Anyway, after the Warners announcement, it was virtually a domino effect that happened with Toshiba announcing that they weren’t going to support the format themselves any further. After that, player prices really dropped, and so did the software prices, and they’re still available and there’s some good stuff to be had there. Blu-Ray player prices though have since gone up, though I hear there’s a somewhat cheaper one coming on the horizon (they’re also now fooling around with the special features too).

Ain’t MIchael Ironside in Command & Conquer as well?

Yeah, we are retiring the Fanboy Smackdown name. But as far as the podcast goes, there really isn’t too much that is changing. We are still going to focus on movie review and analysis, the biggest difference is that the name will now reflect that.

The website is also going to get a tweak, a new design, new logo, more contests and most recently, a news director.

We want people to think ‘Movies, TV, Entertainment” when they hear the name of the podcast… Not “Let’s go beat up some geeks”

Hope that helps to explain what’s going on around here 🙂

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