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/Film reports that it seems more Rocky films may be possible. During a presentation at Cannes, MGM chairperson Mary Parent said that the company is entertaining the idea of the possibility of making more Rocky films saying that she believes Rocky Balboa may have some more fight in him.

Fraggle Rock Moving forward. Corey Edwards, writer for the screenplay for The Weinstein Co’s upcoming Fraggle Rock movie, has completed almost 50-pages of his first draft which is based upon a 17-page studio approved outline. “[The outline] is the product of many meetings with the Henson and Weinstein folks, and has every little story beat we could think of,” Edwards wrote in his blog. “The outline has been picked at, beat up, and shot at for any major problems. So now I have the freedom to lock myself in my laboratory and create, knowing that I am working from a road map that everyone has signed off on.”

After Tuesday’s box office returns Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull will be close to $160M for 6 days.

Smaller actors unions are starting to push for a deal with the studios while the larger Screen Actors Guild waits to restart its stalled talks with the studios. The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists was early Wednesday in its second late night of talks with the producers after negotiating through the Memorial Day weekend.

After an off hand remark by Sharon Stone at Cannes indicating that the earth quake in China was the result of karma, many Chinese theaters are now refusing to show her movies.

Variety reports that the One Club will be presenting the the first annual One Show Entertainment Awards on Oct. 7. The award will acknowledge achievements by brands in entertainment with categories to include feature film, commercial and online gaming.

Google and Viacom still going at it over YouTube. In a quote from papers submitted to a U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Friday, Google said that YouTube “goes far beyond its legal obligations in assisting content owners to protect their works.” Google is claiming that the Viacom’s $1 billion lawsuit over YouTube’s video sharing threatens how hundreds of millions of people exchange information on the Internet. This was in response to a recently amended complaint by Viacom that alleges that the Internet has led to “an explosion of copyright infringement” by YouTube and others. The ongoing legal battle has intensified since Viacom filed the lawsuit last year, saying that it was owed damages for the unauthorized viewing of programming from its networks.

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