New Releases For Friday May 30

Sex And The City: The Movie: R. The movie version of the hit HBO series based on autobiographical columns by Candace Bushnell. From New Line Cinema HBO Film. 

The Strangers: R. A couple in a remote home is terrorized by three masked criminals in what becomes a struggle for survival. From Universal Studios.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: PG-13. A look at steroids in popular culture. From BSF Films.

Stuck: R. Brandi, a young woman with a bright future, hits Tom and impales him in her windshield. With Tom still alive she drives to her home and and parks the car in her garage. Promising to take him to the hospital but fearing for her future should the accident be discovered she resolves to let him die. Tom, realizing her plan, plans his escape from Brandi and her boyfriend. From ThinkFilm.

The Foot Fist Way: R. A Tae Kwon Do instructor pilgrimages to see his hero after he attacks the man who slept with his wife. From Paramount Classics.

The Unknown Woman: Unrated. Seeking clues to her own past, Irena insinuates her self as deeply as she can into the lives of a young Italian couple and their fragile daughter. From Outsider Pictures.

At The Death House Door: Unrated. A study of the investigation into the possible wrongful death of Carlos DeLuna, executed in 1989 after prosecutors reportedly ignored evidence implicating another man for the crimes for which Deluna was convicted. From Kartemquin Film.

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I’ll make my prediction now that Indy will top the box office again this week.

Broader appeal, unisex marketing, and not Rated R. Three major points in Indy’s favor.

I expect Indy to be at the top as well…

Though I’ll be seeing The Strangers my own self… review to come…

Stuck is based on events that occured in Texas in 02. But I know I have seen this on the screen before., just cant remember where.

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