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BSP Episode 075: Wargames

This week we discuss the movie Wargames.  Tony and Tony were able to catch a 25th Anniversary screening of the film at a local theater.

Come listen and marvel as we discuss the film and leave the mics running longer than we probably should.

Next week we discuss A Few Good Men and Archon.

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Another good show, guys. Wargames has always been a special film for me, especially as one, like Tony, who grew up knowing that, if the nukes launched, I’d be certain to die. Growing up in San Antonio, TX with 3 major Air Force bases made me a guaranteed dead boy.

It’s something that my mom still rolls her eyes at. She doesn’t think we were nearly as threatened by this as she was in the 50’s and 60’s. The big difference I think between the generations is that we KNEW that hiding under our desks wouldn’t have done a damned thing to save our butts from a nuke. Sorry, Indy, not even a fridge.

I’m an IT guy and my boss shows this trailer at our job fair as why he got into computers. It probably applies to me as well.

It’s good to see this movie every so often to remind how far we have come – modems, CGA displays and 8 inch floppy disks.

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