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BSP Episode 082: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Still catching up.  As near as we can tell/remember we are releasing these in the order that we recorded them.

We joke about this being the “Recently Dead Guy” podcast.  This is reflected once again as this episode is being released just a few days after news that Ricardo Montalban has passed away.

In this episode we discuss the second Trek film and dip into a few other trek films and topics as well… and as usual.

Let us know what you think and be sure to check out the website for a new contest we are running beginning tomorrow!

The ‘Khan!!!” send off is too easy.  

Ricardo Montalban will always first be Mr. Roarke so… for you, sir, “Smiles, everyone. Smiles!”

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It’s is becoming almost somewhat creepy the way you guys are taking out some beloved hollywood stars with your podcast lately.

Good show – I always love a discussion of Star Trek 2. While it has it’s share of story problems, It’s always been my top pick for Trek films followed by First Contact and The Undiscovered Country. The TNG guys tried to essentially remake ST2 with Nemesis, and it had so much potential, yet fell so terribly flat on its face. A piss poor ending for the TNG era films.

I remain cautiously optimistic about the forthcoming reboot movie.

I just found your show through farpoint media and saw Episode 82. Wrath of Khan is my favorite of the series. I’m having trouble streaming the show at work so I haven’t heard the entire thing just yet. I did get as far as your mention of Chekov in the film. I’m you guys had to have pointed this out at some point in the show, but I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t make mention that Wrath of Khan displays one of the more grievous offenses in continuity.

Chekov wasn’t in the original Space Seed episode. Its sad to admit, but its true.

Anyway, I like the show so far and I’ll keep listening…when my stream works 🙂



Thanks for the note on Chekov not being in the original Space Seed. That was news to me. Glad to hear that you like the show so far.

If you are free on Wednesday evenings, we stream the recording sessions on

No problem. That Chekov thing supports the notion of Khan being genetically engineered too smart for his own good. His engineered brain told him he remembered a face he hadn’t seen before.


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