Back Seat Producers Season 03 Shows

BSP Episode 085: Die Hard and Die Hard 2: Die Harder

This one starts a bit different.  If you are ever able to come online on Wednesday evenings and listen in to the livestream of our recording sessions, you might hear a bit of off topic banter by whomever is on the show that night.  Sometimes the chatter is meaningless to anyone other than the two or three of us, but sometimes we chat about movies we’ve seen, TV or just other stuff.  The recording session before Die Hard was no exception.  In this case, we are including the pre- show banter.  It’s almost always recorded (because we are setting up and testing levels and such), and occasionally we even use discussions about movies to lengthen a short episode.

You should be able to tell when we “start” the show,  it’s about 10ish minutes in.  This was intended to be our Christmas Special.  Nothing says Christmas like John McClane kicking ass and taking names in bare feet.

Don’t forget, we record every Wednesday night.  Join us for the fun.