Bob Dylan 1978-1989 Both Ends of the Rainbow

Bob Dylan 1978-1989 Both Ends of the Rainbow was the third in a series of Dylan documentaries produced by UK-based Chrome Dreams. Now this classic documentary is available as a limited edition 2 disc set featuring the original film as well as a host of all new extras.

Bob Dylan 1978-1989 Both Ends of the Rainbow features extensive commentary on one of the most fascinating and controversial periods in Dylan’s career, a period marked by the three recordings that brought Dylan’s new Christian faith to light: Slow Train Coming (1979), Saved (1980) and Shot of Love (1981).

This Special Edition 2 Disc Set from Chrome Dreams and Pride examines this contentious and often misunderstood time in Dylan’s long career, beginning in the late ’70s and culminating with the release of his 1989 album OH MERCY. The set features rare archive footage of Dylan in concert and performing some of his best tracks as well as exclusive interviews with producers, musicians and associates who worked with him throughout the period. The collection also includes material which many say was notably laking in the first including over an hour of incredible audio interviews with Dylan, in which he discusses his conversion to Christianity and his feelings concerning the criticism he received for that conversion. He also speaks at length of the enlightenment this change of faith had brought him.

This documentary is unique in its focus on this period in Dylan’s creative life, a period that is all too often overlooked when it comes to the well documented yet ever elusive man that is Bob Dylan and for the sheer depth of insight into ’80s-era Dylan.

Retailing at only $21.95 and available from This collection is a must have for any Dylan aficionado.