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BSP Episode 102: Alien 3 and Terminator 3

In this episode Tony and Darrell follow up the two previous conversations (one recorded/one not) about the second films in the Alien and Terminator series.

Before we start in with the movie talk though, we do mention our new anthology THE STORM CLOUD.

THE STORM CLOUD is a collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories that feature, what else, storm clouds in each tale.

We are nearly sold-out of our initial run of the book and hope to sell these last few before we being our second print run and add our second book, BUILT FOR SPEED,  to the collection.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to hit the website up with any of your comments, criticisms or questions.

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I agree so far, but what both these films did that pissed the hell out of me is that they continued the story at the price of underlying philosophy. Alien 3 kills of the family James Cameron built for Ripley; Terminator 3’s ethos is “No Fate But What gets shoved down our throat.”

Honestly, T3 is unwatchable to me, just because it’s such a betrayal of everything that came before.

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