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BSP Episode 119: Zombieland

And with this episode we have only one regular episode that has not been released.  It’s the episode we recorded last night.

We are CAUGHT UP!!!!  Specially thanks to Chris ‘the F-in’ Machine’ Amelung for editing the past 26 episodes. From August 31st to October 31st there were 25 episodes totally just under 26 HOURS of audio released on our feed.

Spread the word, boys and girls.  The Back Seat Producers are back, we’re weekly and we’re here to BLOW.YOUR.MINDS!  (Or at least to drink and talk about movies.)

This episode is about Zombieland… listen up.

Be warned, if you haven’t seen the movie and haven’t been spoiled on the big Cameo, you might want to wait until you watch the flick.  It’s worth seeing.

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Thanks. We had a lot of fun that night too! I can’t wait to see where they go with sequels for this. I said before, I’m not big on zombie movies, but this one was a BLAST.

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