Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 120: Event Horizon

In this episode, Tony, Adam and Sarah discuss the sci-fi horror film, Event Horizon.

(Note: There is a discussion on Google Wave which will eventually replace these show notes.  If you want an invite, or if you are already on Google Wave and want in on the wave, send an email to tony@… (you know the url.)

Here is what the Wave has generated thus far:


1:52 – Sarah pretends she’s never been a part of the chat room conversation going south.
2:05 – Weekly releases means weekly news! Welcome back, my old friend.
3:50 – Fleshlight and Knob Creek advertising. All right.
4:45 – High level thoughts. Tony disagrees with everyone else. Are we surprised?
8:15 – Sarah proves she has balls. I wouldn’t dare call him Larry Fishburne, regardless of his past.
10:45 – Sci-fi semantic wankery narrowly avoided.
12:19 – I got your resolution right here!
17:45 – David doesn’t recognize a movie reference.
20:15 – David gets cut off.
21:10 – Never split the party.
21:50 – Pneumatic doors don’t slam. Dammit.
22:20 – Don’t keep secrets from the party.
23:35 – Tony wants a movie taken in a different direction. Are we surprised?
25:19 – Sam Neill is Egg Shen. There ya go.
26:05 – Sarah actually watched the movie. At this point, we have questions about whether Tony and David did.
28:45 – The chat room talks about a much more interesting movie.
29:30 – Vaginas are serious business.
30:00 – Chris chooses to leave it in.
30:15 – Tony wants to breeze through the plot.
30:55 – Sarah forces Chris to cut an F-bomb.
31:15 – Tony describes lunch at KFC… or the monster in the movie.
32:00 – New names for the show. I approve.
32:45 – The plot actually gets described. A whole lot of arguing commences.
34:15 – Parallels are drawn to Alien.
34:40 – Sarah says “Thrust.” Twice.
35:05 – Tony forces Christ to cut an F-bomb.
35:50 – Sarah pulls out the Mom-tone on David.
36:30 – Expendable crew members are discussed.
36:55 – David doesn’t know who Denzel Washington is.
38:15 – There’s an X-wing!
38:45 – Be careful about being po-ag-nant.
39:45 – “That’s not a load-bearing structure.”
40:20 – Engineering by Jesuits.
40:30 – Tony’s annoyed distraction nets useful results.
41:30 – “That sounds like Marge Simpson.”
43:35 – The black hole belches.
44:15 – Human goo on buttressed windows.
45:20 – Filters fix everything!
46:05 – Ewwwww….
46:45 – Hardcore sneezing.
48:55 – More filters!
49:45 – The filmmakers learned nothing from Khan’s inability to think in three dimensions.
51:20 – David employs Podcasting Pro Tip #1. Sarah sidesteps.
53:15 – Is it a hole or a platform? Chris makes a poor alliance.
54:05 – Sarah forces Chris to cut an F-bomb.
54:10 – Chris switches sides.
55:40 – Super Cooper!
56:15 – Unnecessary weapon selection.
57:40 – Useless XO is useless. Tigh he is not.
58:57 – Sarah pulls off the F-bomb hat trick!
1:00:45 – “This was a poorly written episode!”
1:01:08 – David attempts to apply Podcasting Pro Tip #1 and fails.
1:02:38 – David joins in the F-bomb dropping entertainment!
1:03:10 – Sarah’s had two beers and verbs it up.
1:03:45 – David poses and scares Sarah.
1:03:55 – The joy inspired by the end of the conversation is evident in Tony’s voice.

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