Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 121: Red Dawn


Hosts & Drinks for this episode:
Tony – the remnants of a bottle of Maker’s Mark (FROM THE BOTTLE)
Chris – Pepsi Max
Darrell –

Drinks: |||F|||||

1:15 Epic nipple.
2:00 Business: Contest on the website; two episodes in the can; Chris jacked up an episode; do our work for us using Google Wave.
5:25 Darrell puts it out into the world.
5:50 That’s a terrible segue, man.
6:00 High level thoughts.
7:00 Ooooo! Navy Seals!
8:30 Subtelty? We don’ need no stinkin’ subtlety!
10:00 Darrell mixes it up by being the one to disagree with the rest of the hosts.
12:10 Rundown of the actors, starting with Patrick Swayze.
16:15 G.I. Joe (the 80’s cartoon version) is held up as better than parts of this movie.
16:45 Chris and Tony have different ideas about what qualifies a spider as “giant.”
17:00 Moving on to Emilio Estevez’s brother.
19:10 The DM says, “Take a drink!”
20:00 The hosts veer drunkenly into plot synopsis.
24:05 Chat room corrects the hosts.
29:15 That teacher in the front of the classroom over there says that Ghengis Khan ruled the Mongols….
30:15 It is implied that David would have nothing to contribute to this conversation.
30:25 Chris’s sister doesn’t get Top Gun.
33:55 The older generation just doesn’t understand us.
39:10 “When you’re older, you’ll know it works.”
40:10 The movie is a series of TUBES! I mean, vignettes.
41:00 Babysitting techniques in the 80’s: not so smart.
45:30 Tony does some Fan Boy Smack Down reminiscing. 5!
45:50 Darrell may or may not have briefly swallowed the microphone at this point.
47:30 Tony uses the night’s movie to talk about Star Wars.
50:00 Chris gets really, really worked up.
53:00 Chris fears Sarah. As should you.
54:30 Suck grenade, douchenozzle!
56:20 Egg Shen almost shows up.
58:00 Keeps me warm.
1:01:45 Anything can be converted into a locator device.
1:02:30 Chris blames the French. Tony blames Gaius Baltar.
1:08:00 Tony kills the whiskey. Keeps him warm.
1:10:15 Feminism doesn’t apply to teenagers; thus, Twilight.
1:13:20 Chris has a dirty mind–can’t accept a platonic relationship.
1:15:50 Tony has controlled his drunkenness very well through this episode. At this point, all control is gone.
1:16:10 The lines between reality and fiction get blurred.
1:17:15 The creepiness overwhelms Chris.
1:18:15 Chris summarizes the big, dramatic, soul-searching character moment: Blah, blah.
1:20:40 He looks at his hands. HE LOOKS AT HIS HANDS!
1:25:00 Chris has motivation to swallow the mic this time.
1:26:25 Star Trek was a longer episode.
1:26:45 Darrell wants to get political. Tony wants more whiskey.
1:28:00 Chris proves himself on par with David in missing the great movies of the era.
1:32:45 Chris is weird…
1:33:05 …and a parent.
1:35:00 Chris commits to his role as David.
1:35:55 Red Dawn’s teat has been milked!

(We’ll add to the show notes as they are populated on the Wave for this episode.) If you need an invite, shoot an email to Tony.

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