Back Seat Producers Season 04 Shows

BSP Episode 124: Fight Club

We break the first rule of Fight Club.

And the second.

Adam David

Drinking Game Preparatory Count: 9 Drinks (You don’t get much when they’re on topic.)
Drinking Game Participants Final BAC Estimate:

    Beer – .02
    Wine – .04
    Shots – .14
Note: This is a non-scientific estimate and shouldn’t be used as a goal.

1:25 David shows off how prepared he is for the upcoming shows.
1:45 Darren has interesting ideas of “The Perfect Date.”
2:40 High level reviews.
2:45 Chris did not edit him out.
2:55 David feels Darrell. Darrell is conflicted.
3:15 Darren fails to impress with his movie re-watching ability.
3:40 Tony used to disagree with everyone.
4:15 David thinks it’s the third greatest.
5:55 David drops the F-bomb! Then forgets his next point.
6:10 Actor reviews.
6:12 Brad Pitt elicits another F-bomb from David.
6:50 Edward Norton also elicits an F-bomb.
7:05 Death to Smoochy was a great movie, Tony.
7:35 Helena Bonham Carter does not elicit an F-bomb, though everybody liked her performance.
8:10 Meatloaf gets an F-bomb in his introduction!
9:10 David is more informed than everyone else!
9:55 <Censored> <censored>.
10:00 Plot synopsis.
12:00 “Greek chorus?” Darren’s classing up the joint.
12:20 We start talking about spoiling the movie.
13:00 We’re still talking about spoiling the movie.
13:30 We’re still talking about spoiling the movie.
14:00 We’re still talking about spoiling the movie.
14:30 We’re still talking about spoiling the movie.
14:45 We actually spoil the movie.
15:25 “Primal manliness?”
23:10 Darren finally derails the conversation with a sidetrack into Zodiac.
23:40 Darrell gets ’em back on track.
29:30 David wants to get revolutionary! But leave him his couch.
31:15 Tony goes grunge.
32:15 I want you to punch me as hard as you can.
34:00 We’ll get there.
34:20 Chris calls shenanigans.
34:50 Darren gets very excited about a G4 report.
35:30 My wife leaves the room.
36:10 I say this counts as a “sprung” moment.
36:40 Darrell sticks to the plan.
37:50 “The buffet of manliness.”
38:10 Darren really gets into the rules.
42:40 In a movie about punching, the first punch is pulled.
44:30 David and his terrorist beard, then the guys get sexist.
44:45 Sarah drops an F-bomb!
46:10 Tony tangents.
50:00 Go for the knee and get out.
52:30 Drugs are bad! Move on.
53:05 Darren is weird.
54:00 The second punch is pulled.
54:30 Kudos to random guys.
59:40 “Jack’s sense of having nothing to add to this conversation.”
1:08:00 The Marla conspiracy gathers steams.
1:10:00 Watchmen is discussed in relation to Fight Club.
1:11:00 Timeliness is discussed.
1:13:00 You’re special, just like everyone else.
1:13:50 Tony disagrees about fulfillment.
1:16:00 Chris edited part of it out.
1:18:00 The griping about the jobs is done.
1:19:00 Marla is proven to be really, because we don’t see Edward Norton whacking it.
1:20:00 That’s it!

(Thanks, Stingray02!)

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