Get your Shwaag(.com) here!

Hey Guys.  Check out the video.  Read the comments below.  The first comment will have an invite code for

Their current featured Schwaag item is an iPad!!!
I was skeptical too, but it does work, people do win!

9 replies on “Get your Shwaag(.com) here!”

The invite code is:
(caps required)

You must be 18 to join, multiple accounts will disqualify you. Also, you must be in the US. Full details are at their site.

If you join, leave a comment here just to let me know!


Thanks for trying. I’ve passed the error message on to and will update here once I find out what’s going on.

It’s possible that we have run out of invite codes. There were a limited number of codes and as of late last week there were only 2 slots left available.

I’ll update here either way.

Thanks again!

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