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Back Seat Box Office #28 Results and Voice Mail

Another experiment in the ever-evolving Back Seat Box Office Experience.

I’d love some feed back on this supplementary show.  Valuable?  Fun?  Crappy? Any feedback positive or negative is welcome!

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Hey, Mr. 18 here (it’s not intentional, honest) with my picks for next weekend. Seeing if I can get them in earlier here. I might try to call in too. A bet tougher this week as there are several that are opening that can be really close together with what’s already out there.
1. Hop (my impression from commercials and trailers is that this movie sucks but those kids are powerful ticket buyers, going to try and stop underestimating ’em and say this will stay on top.)
2. Your Highness (another one that looks bad to me from the trailers, but it’s gotten some buzz so it will probably do ok it’s first week or two)
3. Arthur (I’m real iffy on this one, I don’t see the point)
4. Source Code
5. Hanna (I’m not sure this has received enough buzz to actually make the top 5 but I’m hopeful)

This is a difficult week, since there are 4 movies coming out. Will they all be in the top 5? which ones will be bumped off?

Well, my picks for April 8 – 10, 2011:
1. Hop
2. Arthur
3. Source Code
4. Hanna
5. Soul Surfer

The real best movie is probably Soul Surfer, but I doubt it will be all that popular. Your Highness is trading pretty high at HSX, but I hope the people who want to see that garbage will go and see Hanna instead. The moviegoing public might let me down.

Her’e also my daughter’s choices (and you did pronounce her name correctly!)

Menolly’s picks for April 8 – 10, 2011
1. Hop
2. Soul Surfer
3. Hanna
4. Arthur
5. Source Code

She originally had Soul Surfer for #1, but changed her mind.

A couple of weeks ago, I counted on the public to let me down by choosing Sucker Punch to be #1. It didn’t work out that way.
The trick is to know just how much they will let you down.

I thought I would give this a try here are my picks for the April 8-10th 2011 hopefully I can get it in the ballpark

5. Your Highness

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