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Back Seat Box Office #29 Results and Voice Mail

Round 2 of our new Results and Voice Mail show.

What do you guys think?  Do you want to make this a show for BSP and BSBO?  Let us know.

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I have a soft spot for Scream, I’m really worried I might have overestimated what it will do this week.

1. Rio – new animated movie, does not look sucky, will do gangbusters at least the first week if for no other reason then curious Angry Birds fans…
2. Scream 4 – I’m iffy on this pick but the Scream series has a lot of history behind it, and it might attract a lot of the people who don’t want to see a ‘kids movie’
3. Hop – Rio is going to take a lot of people but there are still a lot of kids in the world and easter is still coming…
4. Arthur – I’d rather it dropped off but momentum will probably keep it on the list
5. Hannah – did much better last week then I expected, so word of mouth will probably keep it on the list.

Well, Here I go again. Happily, My hopes that the public would see Hanna instead of Your Highness worked out! This week, I’m going to predict that scream isn’t going to do nearly as well as hoped. I’m not a scream fan, but the trailer looked BORING.

Anyway, Here’s my picks for April 15 – 17, 2011
1. Rio
2. Hop
3. Hanna
4. Scream 4
5. Soul Surfer

Hanna looks like It’s got legs, and my daughter really believes in Soul Surfer.

Well, after missing last week for a couple of reasons, I need to get back in the saddle…

1) Rio – Again with the goofy bird business. I think that the thought that people are addicted to Angry Birds will bring people to this movie.

2) Scream 4 – And here I thought we could just put a hunting knife in the heart of Neve Campbell’s career. It’s been more than ten, TEN, years since Scream 3. On the other hand, people who dig Insidious may want to get back to their roots with the Scream franchise.

3) Hanna – After listening to the buzz on this, I really want to see this.

4) Hop – Look! It’s a cute bunny! Watch him hop and look cute! Unless Rio totally consumes the audience for this flick, which, is possible, this will stick around for a bit longer.

5) Arthur – Look Russell Brand, we know you are funny, but when you compete against yourself, you still lose even if you win.

I would like to think that Soul Surfer could hang on, but it is going to take seeing what the drop for it is like this week. It could beat out Arthur…

Okay, My daughter has really been working late a lot this week, and took a while to get her picks in.

Menolly’s picks for April 15 – 17, 2011:

1. Rio
2. Hop
3. Hanna
4. Soul Surfer
5. Scream 4

And that’s it.

Hop has Spec Op girl bunnies in pink berets AND EJ can poop jelly beans. . . . . . . . . how can this not be an amazing movie!?!

I feel your pain with placing Scream 4. It’s a tricky cat to get in a bag.

Ok this week I’m going for

3. Scream 4
5.Soul Surfer
hopefully leaving Arthur off does not come back to bite me. It was a pretty good comedy.Also I am a he sorry I forget my name is so gender neutral lol.

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