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Back Seat Box Office #30 Results and Voice Mail

This was a great week for all involved. Scores were up by an average of nearly 5 points!

We had 3 new participants to the game and we are on the cusp of having a leaderboard with 20 people on it!

Get your friends and family to get involved, compete against us and against each other!

Thanks for listening!

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6 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #30 Results and Voice Mail”

Looking at this week, I’m a bit worried. The Tyler Perry movies always seem to throw a bit of a wrench in the system, and other than that, we are looking at just one other big release, Water for Elephants.

But that big release has some big names attached to it, the execrable Robert Pattinson (only execrable due to his strong Twi-Hard affiliation, he might actually be a decent actor, but the Twi-Hardiness just disgusts me), Reese Witherspoon (she’s got skills, no doubt), and Christopher Waltz (man needs to broaden his horizons, he’s a good actor, but bad guys only get you so far…).

Here are my picks:

1) Rio – Birds are fun! Particularly when they are colorful and talk! Honestly, the long run of Hop is going to flow right into Rio, because, while it is Easter Sunday, I bet most people who would see Hop, already saw it and are now looking for something else to take the kids to.

2)Water for Elephants – Might get a good cross-over crowd from people with kids who are burned out on animated features. The story’s National Novel Writing Month genesis may also pull parents looking for something a bit deeper than animated fare. Or something different.

And now things get tricky….

3) Hop – Easter weekend for the swan song? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll risk it.

4) Scream 4 – Severe drop, but I’m kinda shaky on the long-term strength of the fourth film of a series. Unless that series is Harry Potter, and then all bets are off.

5) Soul Surfer – Sorry Hanna, but I think the sports movie/feel-good movie will likely win out on an Easter Weekend. This one has been pretty steady at the box office, so I’ll risk it.

Again, with the long-term strength that has been exhibited by some films of late, this is kind of a tough one. Other than this, all I know is next weekend(4/29), I get to see Fast 5. Bald bad-assery will ensue with Dwayne Johnson chasing down Vin Diesel. Hot chicks, fast cars, a madcap caper, and Vin vs the Rock. What more could you ask for?

Oh, and Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family gets dumped out of the top 5 by me due to a lower theater count. I’d guess it at a strong 6 or possibly 5.

ok this week im going with
2.Water for elephants
3.Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Big Happy Family
5.Scream 4
I want to say the Tyler Perry’s movie is going to do better than I think just based on the past of opening weekend of his movies that have Medea in the title but Mr. sparkling vampire himself in a love story movie I just can’t see Tyler Perry beating it.

I really have no clue how things are going to come out this week. I can’t recall ever hearing a thing about Water for Elephants and I’ve never managed to catch one of Tyler Perry’s Medea movies. African Cats is supposed to be out as well but I doubt it will make the top 5

1. Rio – The movie wasn’t as good as I hoped but I think more people will still go out to see it.
2. Water for Elephants – taking a chance here, I know nothing about this movie.
3. Hop – also taking a chance here that Easter audience will shore up the performance for another week.
4. Scream 4 – I saw it (at a drive-in!) and liked it but I think non-scream fans aren’t likely to see it. I’m also wondering if this might switch places with…
5. Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Big Happy Family – haven’t seen any of the Medea movies but they keep making them so there must be quite a few people who will see it.

I don’t know what to think about Tyler Perry, I’ve never seen one of his movies. But Orson Scott Card gives them good reviews, and he keeps making them…But anyway, here are my picks for the weekend of April 22 – 24, 2011:
1. Rio
2. Madea’s Big Happy Family
3. Water For Elephants
4. Hop
5. Scream 4

I would love to push scream 4 all the way off the top 5, but it would have to drop significantly more than I think it will to do that. It would be cool if Hanna or Soul Surfer stays in, though.

And here’s Menolly’s picks for the weekend of April 22 – 24, 2011:
1. Rio
2. Madea’s Big Happy Family
3. Water For Elephants
4. Scream 4
5. Hop

She says I suck, because she saw my picks after she had finalized hers, and they were close.

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