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Back Seat Box Office #31 Results and Voice Mail

Andrew joins Tony to spare you, the gentle listener, from Tony’s one-sided banter.

A stumble or two is had at the beginning, but the Producers recover and steam-roll the rest of the episode.

Tim offers sage advice for every man… or couple.

Thanks for listening!

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Ok, Menolly says she’s not recording a voice mail tonight, but maybe tomorrow. If we do, we’ll record an mp3, and mail it to

I think that will do the trick.

Anyway, Menolly made her picks first, so here are her predictions for the weekend of April 29 – May 1, 2011:
1. Hoodwinked Too
2. Fast Five
3. Prom
4. Dylan Dog
5. Water For Elephants

And here are my picks for the weekend of April 29 – May 1, 2011:
1. Fast Five
2. Hoodwinked Too
3. Prom
4. Water For Elephants
5. Madea’s Big Happy Family

This week is going to be a tough one, no joke. With the addition of the Tyler Perry film last week, the long running Rio staying at the top of the heap, and the first of the summer films appearing, chaos and disorder will rule the box office.

1) Fast 5 – I restate my belief in the power of bald bad-assery. This is the first summer action movie in a heavily-loaded summer, and it is not a comic-book film. After weeks of limited action goodness, here we go.

2) Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family – After hearing BSBO 30, I must admit some respect for the Tyler Perry Machine. I don’t think it is going to go anywhere, so either #2 or #3.

3) Hoodwinked Too – It may be able to kick Rio loose. Don’t know though.

4) Rio – Tough call here, particularly with Hoodwinked Too appearing in theaters this week. I will likely live to regret this, but that’s life at the bottom of the charts.

5) Water for Elephants – While not a strong performer out of the box, it may have legs. After all, we have Soul Surfer as a recent comparison…

So, now it’s time to skin that smokewagon and see what happens.

Ok here my picks for this week
1.Fast 5
3.Hoodwink two
4.Tyler Perry’s Madeas’s Big Happy Family
I’m not sure about this week but the amount of adds for Prom and Fast five makes me think they are safe. Hoodwink has me uneasy but i think Medea will take a fair drop and as well as Rio since Hoodwink is a sequel and will take a fair amount of Rio’s viewers

I have a feeling I’d probably have better picks if I put them all in a hat and randomly selected them while blindfolded:

1) Fast Five – taking a chance that this will be top of the charts. it could be as low as third
2) Hoodwinked Too – I have not liked the commercials or trailers, but kids and families are powerful demographics. could possibly switch with Rio
3) Rio
4) Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family – knowing my luck this will probably actually be first or something…
5) Prom – this is a toughy as I could also see Water for Elephants in this spot. I suppose Dylan Dog could make it this high but the amount and quality of advertising I’m seeing makes me doubtful.

hmm, just tried the random selection thing. Didn’t use a hat but still:
1) fast five
2) Tyler Perry
3) Dylan Dog
4) hood winked
5) rio

hmm, okay random doesn’t seem so good after all. We’ll see…

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