Back Seat Box Office BSBO Results Shows

Back Seat Box Office #37 Results and Voice Mail

I had another mistake happen this time around.  This one was fortunately caught prior to episode release.

Tad DID participate.  Tad DID send a VM. Tad DID get a 25.  Tad’s 25 means that he DOES stay in 2nd place this week.

The leaderboard reflects the correction to this episode, and Tad’s VM appears as part of this podcast… just listen past the music.

One other mistake from the show that I noticed while editing.  I stated that the average score this week was 24.5.  I meant to say it was 24.05.  And even that would now need tweeked with the addition of Tad’s score.  The ACTUAL average score for the week was 24.1

Other VM contributors this week:

  • Art
  • Tim
  • William

With the addition of Tad’s score… of the 20 participants, 15 of them scored a 25.