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Back Seat Box Office #41 Results and Voice Mail

The best scores of the week weren’t 25s this time. The two players who scored 24 this week were:

  • Tom
  • Jonathan

Thanks to ALL of the voicemail this week:

  • Art (2)
  • Chibi
  • Chris
  • Rich Flynn
  • Rich Mckee
  • Tad
  • Tim (2)
  • Tim White
  • William (2)

One reply on “Back Seat Box Office #41 Results and Voice Mail”

Well, that was an interesting weekend box office. And the professional prognosticators have had an interesting go about it. Not hearing the call to say Andrew is wrong until yesterday, I must now say, Jonathan, you are wrong. Is it not enough for you to take the crown from Tony, that you must crush the Loki to your Thor into the ground by embarrassing him like that? Seriously, do you kick puppies down the street while whistling a merry tune? Do you drown kittens in the tears of your defeated opponents while you wait for your coffee to brew?

Just kidding. On occasion, the great need to be taken down a couple of notches, so congratulations on dethroning. Now, welcome to the hot seat, and prepare to defend it from your co-hosts.

Ahh, now I feel better, on with the show!

1) Transformers – Dark of the Moon: Let’s be honest, the two new releases are both comedies, and I would be surprised if they could muster up the testicular fortitude to break the power of Optimus Prime when it is combined with Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime.

2) Horrible Bosses – I haven’t seen Jack Squat about this movie, but I am reliably(Andrew, I hope you are right) informed that Jason Bateman is a bankable star. Cars 2 is hemorraging cash, and I can’t see it not dropping another 30-45% this weekend.

3) Cars 2- See above.

4) Bad Teacher – Cameron’s ass is still on the top 5. Not of asses, although, she’d probably make that as well. The movie will probably hold on a bit longer.

5) Zookeeper – Kevin James? Really, do we need a new talking animals movie? Didn’t we do this funnier with Eddie Murphy about a decade ago?

Remember, Andrew was right. Jonathan was wrong. And heavy lies the crown….

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