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Back Seat Box Office #45

Amongst the hosts, Andrew and Tony were tied for first this week with 22 points, while Jonathan and Tim were tied for third with 20 points. Average scores for the first thirty weeks of 2011 have Tim in first place with 22.0 points, Jonathan in is second place with 21.2 points, Tony is in third place with 21.13 and Andrew is in fourth with 21.03 points.

Visit our scoreboard for a comprehensive list of results as well as an explanation of our scoring system. Play along at home, email or call your picks in before Friday night and get on the board.

New movies debuting in wide release this weekend are Cowboys & Aliens, The Smurfs and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Picks for the week:

  1. Cowboys and Aliens
  2. Captain America
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
  4. Crazy, Stupid, Love.
  5. The Smurfs


    1. Captain America
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
    3. Cowboys and Aliens
    4. The Smurfs
    5. Crazy, Stupid, Love.


    1. Cowboys and Aliens
    2. Captain America
    3. The Smurfs
    4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
    5. Crazy, Stupid, Love.


    1. Cowboys and Aliens
    2. Captain America
    3. Crazy, Stupid, Love.
    4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
    5. The Smurfs

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      13 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #45”

      1) Cowboys & Aliens – This feels like a risk. Favreau has a lot of star-power riding on this and the concept is obscure. On the other hand, those two things make bring it to the top.

      2) Captain America – I have a feeling I’m going to regret this. Buzz is so strong about Captain America, it may stay on top.

      3) Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – We are fading fast Harry, drifting into oblivion or cinema history….

      4) Crazy, Stupid, Love – Rom-com powers activate, form of generic plot with new actors!

      5) Smurfs – WTS, how did we end up in a movie with NPH & Hank Azaria?

      1. Cowboys & Aliens
      2. Captain America
      3. Smurfs
      4.harry Potter 7 part 2
      5. Crazy stupid love

      I demand a re-count on points! harry potter was number 1 in canada last week
      and tony is not papa smurf; he’s pimpin smurf keepin that ho smurfette in line.

      This week is an absolute madhouse with three new movies this week, each of them potential blockbusters. I got real lucky last week, somehow I doubt I’m going to do it again this week. I guess as long as I beat my average I’ll be happy.

      1. Cowboys & Aliens – it has Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and that chick from Tron. How can it not be number 1?
      2. Captain America –
      3. Smurfs – I really hope this movie dies a slow painful death… but the kids and those with nostalgia will probably want to watch
      4. Harry Potter 7 pt 2 – They might still have far to fall. I was going to put it in fifth, but decided Harry isn’t going to fall that far… yet
      5. Crazy stupid love – Romance is dead.

      lots of wiggle room in the picks this week, I’m might as well cast runes or something.

      1) Cowboys & Aliens– I’m underwhelmed by it, but I have a friend who is dying to see it, and I think general interest is high. It may only have one week that does well, but it’ll be this week.

      2) Captain America- I expect a typical drop, maybe less. And I refuse to put the Smurfs movie over Cap.

      3) The Smurfs– understand this is painful for me. When I was young, my sister LOVED these f***ers, and I HATED them. But, again, nostalgia and interest seem high, and in Neil Patrick Harris they got maybe the one actor to play opposite the CGI to make even ME slightly interested. This could do better than anyone expects (or not), so I’m sticking it right in the middle of my picks.

      4) Crazy Stupid Love- wild card pick, to be sure, and maybe HP7-2 doesn’t fall as fast as I’m hoping. Still, this comedy has the chance to cross over b/w the Fw/B crowd and the Hangover/Bridesmaids crowd.

      Harry Potter 7-2- I don’t expect a drop like last week (hell, no one expected that drop then, either) but I can’t escape the feeling that the “event” is over, and outside of the hardcore fans, everyone else is waiting to watch it at home (I know a lot of people that want to do their own marathons of all 8.)

      We are in for an interesting weekend, that’s for sure. So I am going to be crazy and go with the gut.
      My picks for July 29 – 31, 2011:
      1. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows pt. 2
      2. Cowboys And Aliens
      3. Captain America
      4. Smurfs (ugh)
      5. Crazy, Stupid, Love

      What the heck? Scoring starts over in a month. Time to stop second guessing myself.

      And Menolly’s Picks for July 29 – 31, 2011:
      1. Cowboys And Aliens
      2. Captain America
      3. Harry Potter
      4. Friends With Benefits
      5. Crazy Love.

      And that’s exactly how she texted them to me.

      My beautiful Wife (let’s call her Mrs. Beast) also wants to participate.
      Mrs. Beast’s picks for July 29 – 31, 2011:
      1. Cowboys And Aliens
      2. Harry Potter
      3. Captain America
      4. Crazy Stupid Love
      5. Smurfs

      She’s pretty sure about the first 3. she finished of 4 and 5 because I said I needed them to submit her picks.

      Hmmmmnnn… With My older son, Jon W having submitted his picks for this weekend on last weeks comments ( a little premature, I thought, but what the heck.) I now have 4 out of 5 immediate family members participating this week.

      Wow . . . commentary from everyone . . . interesting. Here’s we go for my picks.

      1. Cowboys & Aliens – Westerns and Sci-Fi two great tastes that go great together.
      2. Smurfs – It’s what all the parents are taking their kids to. For the record, I do not want the smurf movie to be this high, but fear it will be.
      3. Captain America – Strong showing last week. it’ll still be strong, but not strong enough.
      4. Crazy, Stupid, Love – it’s a romantic comedy with some big names.
      5. FWB – This only stuck around because I think that the HP decline will continue to be significant.

      Listened to the podcast just a few hours ago, where you kind of mocked Jonathan for his Smurfs pick.

      Should the shocking estimates from Friday hold (and don’t kids movies do even better on Saturday/Sunday?) then I expect some serious crow to be eaten next week. (Surely this has nothing to do with my picks either!)

      I think those little blue imps just wiped the floor with us. William seems to be the only one who even came close to picking them correctly. Actuals have yet to come in as I’m writing this, but they are definitely going to be at least 2nd and might just take 1st in a photo finish.

      And I have to swallow my pride and admit… I saw the movie this weekend (wanted to go somewhere with AC, yeah thats it. saw C&A first though). It was painful, but not as bad as I was expecting.

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