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Back Seat Box Office #46 Results and Voice Mail

Nope, there wasn’t a results show after Episode #45, but we’re back this week… lean and mean.

Thanks to Tad for providing the lone voicemail for this episode.

Congrats to the following participants for scoring 25 points this week:

  • BD
  • Father Beast

One reply on “Back Seat Box Office #46 Results and Voice Mail”

Ahh, now that I see there is a results show, I can now remember to submit my picks…

1) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – I think this is a lame series, but people seem to watch it. But, I know that some people will see anything with ‘Ape’ in the title, so I think I will leave this here.

2) Final Destination 5 – Are we there yet? I mean, we keep on having Final Destinations, but do we ever actually arrive? Teen scream flick and we are in the last huzzah before schools open back up, so perhaps it is time for one last run to the multi-plex.

3) The Help – This may be a bit too intellectual a film for most, but I have hopes that it may do pretty well.

4) 30 Minutes or less – I’m wondering if this can do well enough to throw Smurfs under the bus. It has some potential as an adult comedy, so I’m going to say that it will do better than the supposedly bankable Jason Bateman’s mediocre-performing The Change-up.

5) Smurfs – Because you can’t crush Smurfs into raw blue past without letting a few escape. I’m going to guess that it will hold on by its fingernails to a top 5 position.

Many lightweight/welterweight films this weekend. Makes it a tricky series of guesses. Next week should be easy though.

“What is best in life, Conan?”

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and listen to the lamentation of their women.”

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