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Back Seat Box Office #50 Results and Voice Mail

A bit late on this one, but here are the season ending results:

Congrats to Tom for being at the top of the leaderboard for Season 1!

Thanks to Tad, Art and William for contributing voice mail to this week’s episode.

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Picks for the opening weekend of the new season:

1) Contagion – Will terror beat out hope? That’s the question I wrestled with on placing Contagion above The Help. That, and the fact that I think anyone who wanted to see The Help has probably seen it by now.

2) The Debt – Tony’ s love affair with Helen Mirren notwithstanding, this looks excellent, and may stay strong for another week.

3) The Help – Not going down without a fight, and there are no significant big films to boot it out of theaters.

4) Warrior – Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! MMA Rocky with both sides to root for. I can see it doing fairly strong in a weak weekend.

5) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Again with monkey poo. It sticks and the smell lingers. Ignoring my opinion, which you should, I expect this will round out the top 5. Unless sharks eat the apes. That would be cool, but uncertain given the limited lifespan of a 3D teen scream movie.

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