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Back Seat Box Office #51 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Andrew, Tad, Jeff and… ME for our 24’s this week.  That puts us in a 4-way tie for 1st for season two.

Thanks for the following contributors for their Voice Mail:

  • Tad
  • Art
  • William

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Let’s take a look at the complexity of this next week…

1) Contagion – I’m not certain about this, but I have a hard time thinking that a Steven Soderberg film will go down easy, particularly in light of a a number of positive reviews.

2) Drive – Looks excellent and will likely drag a submission out of Warrior for this weekend.

3) The Help – I’m almost of the opinion that Sarah Jessica Parker’s “I Don’t Know How She Does It” will top this when combined with the age of this film in the top 5. I’ll see, I suppose.

4) Straw Dogs – This film really creeps me out. It’s a re-make of a Sam Peckinpah film from the 70’s, subbing James Marsden for Dustin Hoffman.

5) The Debt – It just seems like all of the alternatives are worse choices.

Looks like I’m first in the beast family to post. Menolly and Mrs. Beast have yet to choose.

No wonder, this looks like the hardest to pick for a while. I finally managed to kick the help off the top spot this last weekend, by picking it as #1. if it goes back to being number 1 this week, I’m going to shoot someone.

Anyway, here are my picks for the weekend of September 16 – 18, 2011:
1. Contagion
2. I Don’t Know How She Does It
3. Drive
4. The Help
5. Lion King 3D

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