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Back Seat Box Office #52 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Tony and Andrew who had the high score of the week, and for maintaining a tie for 1st place on the leaderboard.

Thanks to Tad for the solo voice mail of the week.

One reply on “Back Seat Box Office #52 Results and Voice Mail”

Well, if it is Wednesday, then it is time to prognosticate…

1) Lion King 3D – Risky choice, but I do not see Dolphin Tale booting it.

2) Moneyball – Brad Pitt in a sports movie with an interesting premise. Where’s the lose there? This strikes me as a bag full of win.

3) Abduction – Does Taylor Lautner have a career outside of Twilight? That’s a critical question he must be asking himself these days. Is he more than a pretty face and cut torso? Possibly…

4) Contagion – Iffy, but I think Soderbergh’s work has the staying power to be in the top 5 one more week.

5) Drive – Anyone’s guess here. I think it is more interesting than Killer Elite, which has more star power but a weaker premise. Suppose I’ll find out…

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