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Back Seat Box Office #53 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Tad for his high score of 24 this week.

Thanks also to Tad and Art for their voice mail contributions.

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Another week of multiple releases…

Let’s throw darts and see how things look…

1) Moneyball – This is an excellent movie and it does good things for Jonah Hill’s career. Since Lion King 3D’s future is uncertain, some theaters may be keeping it, others may not, I’m going to throw Moneyball to the top of the list.

2) Dolphin Tale – With Lion King uncertain, I bet the kindly tones of Morgan Freeman and a cute story will keep this near the top.

3) Dream House – Well, it is just about October, and that means the scary movies are probably going to start dropping into the theaters like the bras of teenagers in slasher flicks.

4) What’s Your Number? – Chick flick/rom-com films do not seem to have a particularly strong audience these days. This seems kind of weak, and may be suffering from the appearance of Taylor Lautner’s movie last week.

5) Killer Elite – Because there aren’t any other action movies in the pool right now. Sometimes, you just want to see stuff get blown up.

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