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Back Seat Box Office #57 Results and Voice Mail

Sorry for the late episode.

Congrats to BD for getting the high score of the week with a 23.

Thanks to the following contributors for submitting voice mail or audio comments included in this episode:

  • Father and Mrs. Beast
  • Scott
  • Tad
  • William

3 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #57 Results and Voice Mail”

Ok, so I’ll post it here.

1) Puss in Boots- no other choice for the first slot- it’s a cat with a sword. And boots! Kids love it!

2) Paranormal Activity 3- can it hold out over Halloween weekend? I think not- too many saw it last weekend to beat out the cat with footwear.

3) Time Out- I really liked Gattaca, and while this doesn’t quite as interesting, it seems to have some buzz. And stars that teens like. It could break big– or flame out and scrap my weekend like that *!*&#** birdwatching movie.

4) Rum Diary- basically the same reasons as #3, save swapping Johnny Depp for teen stars, and fewer screens. Less likely to tank, as it looks good (and that Depp fellow.)

5) Footloose- risk pick, but I think Real Steel (which is starting to loose screens) loses its kid audience to the ‘Boots and falls faster.

This week looks terrible. 4 movies, who knows if more than 2 will make the top 5, and which of last weeks movies will stay….
Well, that’s why we make these predictions, isn’t it?
My picks for the weekend of October 28 – 30, 2011:
1. Puss In Boots
2. Paranormal Activity
3. In Time
4. Real Steel
5. Rum Diary

any or all of these movies may burn me, aarrgghh….

oh, I see. I had listed Anonymous among the wide releases, and it’s only a limited release.

I was confused since HSX had given it opening weekend options. I’m now doubly glad I didn’t put it in my top 5.

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