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Back Seat Box Office #58 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to everyone for the exceptional scores this week. Thanks to Tad and William for the Voice Mail.

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Here we go, despite being out of ink at my house…
My picks for the weekend of November 4 – 6, 2011:
1. Tower Heist
2. Puss In Boots
3. Harold and Kumar
4. Paranormal Activity
5. In Time

Since you guys are probably recording tonight, feel free to copy my picks. I’ll be watching….

Looking at the previous comments, Father Beast may have something there…

1) Tower Heist – Let’s hear it for the 99%! After finally seeing the trailer for In Time, you could make the argument that it was for the 99%, but it was sci-fi and not contemporary. Tower Heist is a bit more personal, fracking Wall Street/Investment thieves clean out everyone and the worst they get is house arrest in a zillion dollar penthouse, WTF? And Eddie Murphy in a heist movie leading a pack of amateurs is comedy gold!

2) Puss in Boots – Expecting a 30-40% drop will still leave this pretty strong. And we all know its gotta be the boots, right?

3) Harold & Kumar – NPH is immortal, we know that right? It don’t matter that he was shot by an angry madam outside a whorehouse in Texas after branding a prostitute. NPH LIVES! And it is effectively mocking one of the most over-used movie effects, 3D, by using it in a manner that is probably better than 90% of the uses that it has been put to.

4) In Time – Kind of a question mark, but I think a 50% drop will still put it above Paranormal Activity 3.

5) Paranormal Activity 3 – After looking at it and In Time’s box office takes, I’m of two minds on how this will do. It’s going down, three weeks in the top 5 is pretty good, but by how much, and can it beat the middling In Time? Dunno. I’ll put it at #5.

Since the friday show isn’t up yet, I’ll post here. Not as easy to pick this week since I normally go to Box Office Mojo to look up info and it looks like IMDb is in the process of blowing up the site…. I normally stay away from IMDb so i’m not sure what they have to offer that is as good as or better the BOM.

1) Tower Heist – Seen lots of ads for this and it has Matthew Broderick! Oh yeah and some other guys named Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller.
2) Puss in Boots – This movie should have stayed in the Straight-to-video wasteland. But the kids will probably still go for a while
3) Harold & Kumar – I’ve only been ads for this recently. Should do okay.
4) Paranormal Activity 3 – might start dropping rapidly now that halloween is over, this could switch places with
5) In Time. is quickly running out of time

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