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Back Seat Box Office #62 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Cougron for this week’s solo perfect score!

Thanks to Tad and Scott for the voice mail that complement my just slightly less sexy than last week’s reading of everyone’s picks and the leaderboard results.

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Looking at the calendar, I suppose I’d best submit some picks. With no new releases, it’s kinda boring.

1) The Muppets – I may be whistling for the wind here, but I have more faith in the strength of the Muppets in Week 2 than in Breaking Dawn at Week 3.

2)Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – Make the hurting stop…please…

3) Arthur Christmas – I see bigger drop for Happy Feet 2 than Arthur Christmas. Particularly now that we have passed Turkey day.

4) Happy Feet 2 – Dance, you wild creatures, DANCE!

5) Hugo – Maybe positive reviews will keep you afloat. I see Hugo as a long-burn sort of film, it will stick around a while based on okay box office performance and big names associated with it.

Mrs. Beast is also saying ditto for the coming weekend.
Mrs. Beast’s picks for the weekend of December 2 – 4, 2011:
1. Breaking Dawn
2. Muppets
3. Happy Feet
4. Arthur Christmas
5. Hugo.

I was hoping for a golden trifecta of dittoes from the beast family, but Menolly went insane and chose differently.
Menolly’s picks for the weekend of December 2 – 4, 2011:
1. Happy Feet 2
2. Muppets
3. Breaking Dawn
4. Hugo
5. Arthur Christmas

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