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Back Seat Box Office #68 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to William and Lena for the assist this week.

Congrats to BD for the single 24.

Thanks to Tad and Scott for the voice mail.

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And the American movie-going public continues to breath life into the “found footage”-style of film-making by showing love for The Devil Inside. Jesus Christ, can’t people just go home and watch the Exorcist? That movie is how you do the whole possessed by the Devil thing, not this crap.

1) Beauty & the Beast – Let’s hear it for Disney doing recycling in the best way possible – by not just doing it for the money, but by doing it for a shit-load of money. Seriously, this is the best Disney movie I remember before Pixar showed up and started out-Disneying Disney.

2) Contraband – Mark Wahlberg. Take him or leave him, he’s a guy who can do action pretty well. And here, we have him married to Kate Beckinsale (nice!), and running a caper. Works for me.

3) The Devil Inside – First, we are going to need a young priest and an old priest…

4) Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol – And this is going to hang on like Tom Cruise on the side of a skyscraper.

5) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Slow burn. Hopefully this will burn long enough to get us the sequels.

Better make my picks. Right after I find out what’s new…

1) Beauty and The Beast 3D – won’t do as good as lion king did when it came out but should do better then everything out this week.
2) Contraband – Should do well just because it’s new. Not sure I’ll see it.
3) MI 4 – continues it’s slow decline, should do better then the movie that beat it last week…
4) Devil Inside – Opening at number 1 was a surprise, but I think that was just because it was the only new thing. From the few review comments I’ve seen, it should drop like a stone.
5) Joyful Noise – Dolly Parton + Queen Latifah. Will attract a certain minimum audience just to see one or the other or both, but will also repel a certain amount for the same reasons. I’m guessing it will do well enough to make the top 5 but not much more then that. (watch it become number one…)

Here are my picks:

1. Beauty and The Beast 3D – kiddie movies seem to be unbeatable.
2. Contraband – previews didn’t look too bad, if you’re in an action movie kind of mood, and Mark Wahlberg’s a good draw.
3. Mission Impossible 4 – don’t want to embarass myself by saying that I’ve never seen any of the MI flicks… so I won’t!
4. Joyful Noise – feel-good, singing movies can’t be that bad.
5. Devil Inside – I have no clue how this will do, but I’m thinking it’ll still be in the top 5 for some reason.

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