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Back Seat Box Office #72 Results and Voice Mail

This episode starts with a special Long Distance Dedication.

Congrats to Tad and Cougron for their 25s this week.

Thanks to Art and Tad for their voice mail.

4 replies on “Back Seat Box Office #72 Results and Voice Mail”

I’m stunned and amazed I got a 25 last weekend. Looking ahead, I don’t see how I could get a high score this coming weekend with four wide releases. Maybe I should declare my retirement…

I admit, I’ve been a bit busy, but I have yet to hear of one person interested in the latest George Lucas Star Wars revision. I mean, what’s the deal, George? You just refurbed your private island with Red Tails, why do the 3D thing, which is starting to look like it has increasingly jumped the shark, to a perfectly marginal movie…

That said, let’s consult some chicken guts…

1) Safehouse – Denzel & Ryan Reynolds. I think people are expecting a Training Day-type performance out of Denzel, as a lot of the elements of that are present in this movie. I know nothing about it, but I think Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds are bankable.

2) The Vow – Nicholas Sparks, there’s another guy who’s got no money problems. Bring on the clam-bake for this one.

3) Journey 2: What was the original in this series? Was that Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brendan Frasier? I can’t tell. On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson is pretty awesome and it’s kid-friendly and probably got some excellent visuals. Shakespeare it ain’t, but it may be enjoyable.

4) Woman in Black – Return of Harry Potter looks more survivable than the found footage-styled Chronicle.

5) The Phantom Menace – Thank you for crapping on my childhood. Thank you for introducing Whinykin Skywalker to the universe. Thank you for bringing us the pleasure that is Jar-Jar Binks.

And, seriously, thank you for bringing us Ray Park as Darth Maul, even if he dies after showing us how awesome he is.

My picks for the weekend of February 10 – 12, 2012:
1. Star Wars
2. The Vow
3. Chronicle
4. Mysterious Island
5. Woman In Black

I really appreciate the commentary, Uriah, though I differ.

Though it’s a rerelease of a fan-impugned movie in we love-to-hate 3D, I think it’ll make a lot of bucks. Star wars, that is.

Journey 2 is confusing in the title, but I’ll give it props for the same reasons as Uriah.

I think the Vow is our obligatory Valentines day movie. Nothing else is really much romance.

And I left Safe house completely off my top 5. I just can’t guess how it will do.

As for Chronicle and Woman in Black, The Radcliffe movie started out last weekend doing better, but slipped back as the weekend progressed. I figure that will continue. Though I despise these “found footage” films, they tend to do well.

First rule, always count on the movie watching public to let you down.

No argument on the movie-watching public’s low bar. I think it’s going to lose due to the 3D aspect. I mean, it’s not going to do badly, but I think it won’t do as well as it could have done if Lucas had done some fan service and re-written the thing.

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