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Back Seat Box Office #74 Results and Voice Mail

Congrats to Scott for the best score of the week… 19?!

Nicolas Cage, why have you forsaken us?

Thanks to Art and Tad for the voice mail this week.

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I’m happy to have walked out with a 15 for last week. Nick Cage & Ghost Rider have failed us… And I have a feeling that this weekend will be even less forgiving. Look at that line-up – Act of Valor, Wanderlust, Gone, & Good Deeds.

Well, time to step up and spin some BS.

1) Good Deeds – Correct me if I’m wrong(and I’m certain the box office will), but Tyler Perry is a pretty reliable name to bank on.

2)Act of Valor – Why does this movie exist? I honestly don’t know, and the trailers make it appear to be Navy SEAL Reality TV. Stupid concept, probably good action, and a lot of screens. If this is an effort to give action movies more realism, someone needs to crinkle some more tin foil on their antenna, because this is Hollywood. Action movies don’t embrace reality, they create their own, as ridiculous as it usually is.

3) Wanderlust – I honestly don’ t know about this one. It’s a comedy, with Paul Rudd & Jennifer Anniston. It looks remarkably forgettable, so who can say.

4) Safe House – Denzel can keep this up for another week against this competition.

5) Gone – Really? Is it gone? I can’t tell…

I’m so not good at this but do I get points for remembering and getting here on my own?

1. Gone (too many commercial spots and I just want them to go away)
2. Act of Valor
3. Good Deeds
4. Wanderlust
5. Safehouse

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