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Back Seat Box Office #76 Results and Voice Mail

Thanks to Tad and Art for the voicemail this week.


Congrats to Tony and Lena for their 25s this week.

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I missed out on last week’s predictions, and for that I am shamed before God, Man, and the other members of the leaderboard.

So, on to this week’s predictions…

1) The Lorax – I see this losing something like 25%-30% and that remainder is still enough to hold on to the top.

2) John Carter – This will either be awesome (pleasepleaseplease) or absolutely horrible. Either way, I’m thinking strong showing right out of the box.

3) Project X – Meh, I haven’t heard how strong this movie’s mojo is. It seems to have been passed over in deep discussion last week by the Lorax and Mass Effect 3. Long-term strength, rather questionable….

4) Act of Valor – Go Navy! Go thinly-veiled recruitment movie! One more week!

5) Silent House – I know nothing about this movie.

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