Back Seat Box Office #77 Results and Voice Mail

A big welcome back to Tim and Rich.

Congrats to Tim, Andrew and Uriah for hitting 25 this week.

Thanks to Tad and Art for their voicemail contributions

14. March 2012 by Tony
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  1. Allright, I’m in.

    My picks for the weekend of March 16 – 18, 2012:
    1. 21 Jump Street
    2. The Lorax
    3. John Carter
    4. Project X
    5. Act Of Valor

    get ready for the copycats….

  2. I ‘ditto’ Father Beast. (but really, what other order was there to pick?)

  3. I’m deeply torn. I’m having a hard time believing the strength of 21 Jump Street. But at the same time, the numbers for Lorax & John Carter don’t lie…I just can’t wrap my head around the high valuation of 21 Jump Street at HSX.

    Awww….hell, I’ll copy Father Beast. Fracking 21 Jump Street crap. We have to wait until next week for Hunger Games to waste all of it anyway.

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